Galway Coaching Series – U9 & U10 Events

Well that certainly was a hot one – on and off the track. Fantastic sunshine and a fantastic atmosphere made for a fantastic event today. We hope that all the athletes took something away from the sessions today and they feel a lot more prepared for the upcoming competitions. We thought it important that we held these sessions in competition-like conditions, be able to pin on a number like you would when we return to competition. A lot of our younger athletes may never have stepped on a track before and hopefully with the direction that got from the starters and officials they will be more comfortable when they first compete in a few weeks time.

We would really like to thank all the parents who turned up today knowing they would not be allowed into Dangan. Your adherence to the public health guidelines ensured we have a safe event for all. It is tough not to be able to see your children take part in these type of events, and we hope soon that we can return to the old ways of life and have spectators at our competitions. Also thank you to the new volunteers that came today to learn the ropes – the coaching session was every bit about coaching officials as it was athletes. It is not just athletes that have been off the track for a long time, it is the officials too and being able to show athletes how the events work in a coaching session reminds us all how competition will work when we get back to it.

Attached below are the times and marks that the athletes set in their sessions today. All results are ordered by club and by surname of athlete. We look forward to seeing you all on the track very soon.

U9 U10 Event Photo Gallery

Photos taken from the U9 U10 coaching event. This shows it is possible to hold a juvenile event safely within the current public health guidelines. If anyone wants a photo removed, please contact your club who will let us know.

Thank you to Joanna Kiely and Stephen Doggett for photographs